Best Places To Live In West London

Best Places To Live In West London

Notting Hill

I love both the film and the Carnival, so I thought I’d combine the two of them together to create this ultimate guide about renting property in Notting Hill. The film was set around Portobello Road, which is arguably one of the most culturally diverse areas of London. There are constant street parties, a Caribbean delicatessen and a range of high-end stores. Portobello Road’s thriving atmosphere has captivated readers such as Proust and offered inspiration to people like Vivienne Westwood (the designer behind some of the clothes seen at this year’s Carnival).

Wherever you’re looking at renting, there are three things to look for before signing the contract, Brentford ( The first is the area itself. The second thing is the quality of the property, and finally, its location. For a lot of people moving in London, those deciding on whether it’s worth extending their rental or not should look at Notting Hill. We think it does live up to its name, despite it being one of the most expensive areas in Westminster.

If you have ever thought about moving to Notting Hill, then this article is for you. If not, then what are you waiting for? Just imagine how attractive you’ll look as you stroll down the famous Portobello Road. The area is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere and culture, and with it’s central location, there really is no better place to move to. It’s no surprise then that Notting Hill is a popular place for renters.

Shepherds Bush

I’ve lived in Shepherds Bush for over five years now, and wanted to share some of my favourite bits of the area. You may think it a little remote from central London (despite the Overground and Underground), but its so much better than rushing around the city chasing things to see. I’ll walk you through some of my favourite parts of the area, showing you how it can be connected to the rest of West London.

Another thing that distinguishes Shepherds Bush from its more famous neighbour is the people you find there. When the weathers warmer, Westfield Shopping centre attracts a certain type of man and woman who like to hunt in packs. It’s not entirely clear what theyre hunting for, but if you look closely you can see the target written on many peoples T-shirts: “DVD Tuesday 12pm”. Perhaps what Shepherds Bush lacks in seaside glamour it makes up for in nightlife.

There are bars, clubs and restaurants aplenty, as well as an independent cinema and theatre. The famous White City markets are just minutes away. For families, there is the Westfield shopping mall which has a vibrant indoor ice rink in winter months, a 4D cinema and acres of restaurants. It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I visited Shepherds Bush – it’s serene common surrounded by grand Victorian buildings. There were people walking their dogs, jogging and just chilling.

It makes you appreciate that this is where cities are becoming greener and cleaner, rather than the pedestrianised concrete jungles which have sprung up in other cities. Homes here have gone much cheaper than Notting Hill to reflect this rundown area, with a three bed house easily available for the £1. 8 million mark. This is still considered an above average price and in better condition Shepherds Bush can offer good value for money. Shepherds Bush is a district in west London, England, which forms part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The area is situated about 1 mile (2 km) west of Charing Cross. It neighbours Holland Park, Notting Hill, Hammersmith and Fulham. If you can afford to live here, it really is one of the best places to live in London. It’s a wonderfully eclectic area and very ethnically diverse, which leads to diversity in cuisine and culture. This means you can eat good food from all over the world.


In particular, The Reach has made a booming mark on the surrounding area. Those living in this modern development are extremely fortunate: they’re living in one of London’s most liveable areas, but their homes come at affordable price points. In addition to this, the trendy nearby Buzz Bar can be accessed via a communal lift. Many residents here don’t even have to leave the building to grab a lively drink with friends after work, or an array of food options as well as a gym, cinema and large roof terrace.

By the turn of the millennium during the early 2000s, Brentford was no longer considered to be an affluent suburb. The area became notorious for gang violence and drug dealing throughout the 1980s and 1990s. However, in 2008, major regeneration began in order to upgrade the environment which has turned Brentford into a place with more vibrant life and is now very much considered a part of West London. Brentford is part of the London Borough of Hounslow, has a very busy train station and is served by the A4.

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There is a wide range of properties in Shepherds Bush, from family homes, to smaller flats and maisonettes and even some classic Victorian, period homes. There are some quirks to bear in mind when looking at property in Shepherds Bush. With Greenwich park to the west, Connaught Road borders the south side of the area and is the main shopping street. To the north are railway lines, which run out to Euston station. This can lead to some disruption in places and is a good reason to avoid flats directly next to them as your windows will buzz.

Shepherds Bush (sometimes referred to as ‘Shebs’ by the locals) is a large, mainly residential area of West London, located north of Kensington and west of Hammersmith. It is home to Shepherds Bush Market, Europe’s largest covered market; the BBC Television Centre, the United States Agency for International Development and two major hospitals – the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Shepherds Bush is fairly self-explanatory, at least according to their estate agents: 'Shepherds Bush is West London’s answer to East Village or Brooklyn.

Forget Notting Hill’s twee cutesy airs; here you can find big flats, street art and a posse of cool bars like the Black & Blue Pub or Lock Tavern. '. All in all, a great little flat. Great location, up and coming area (literally), and although a bit dated it's hard to find anything else in the zone at the price point. Good luck finding it though they don't have a phone number on the property listing site.

One of the main benefits provided by eMoov is our unique proprietary property algorithm, which allows investors to search for properties to rent in Fulham. This lets investors find exactly what they are looking for, and find it quickly. If youre looking for a cheaper alternative to Notting Hill, check out Shepherds Bush. The area is a third cheaper then neighboring Notting, and is home to the famous White City. It's also not too far from Kew Gardens.

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