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Brentford Guide

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London is a regional powerhouse, home to the UK's finance industry and the hub of Britain's cultural scene. Life in Brentford, which is 8 kilometers from London’s centre, is therefore markedly different to nearby places such as Ealing or Uxbridge. Every year thousands of families move to west London hoping for a good education for their children and a pleasant place to raise them. Search for schools in Brentford and surrounding areas. There are hundreds of independent schools throughout Greater London.

The London search tool allows you to easily search by location, area or type of school, Brentford ( Visit the search page to narrow down your hunt for a specific school, whether you’re looking for boys, girls, prep or senior schools. Independent Schools in Brentford has over 1000 options for parents who want the best for their children. Choose from a great variety of learning environments, be it day school, boarding school or mixed between the two.

Shopping & Culture

Watermans is not your stereotypical regional arts centre. Its arts and culture offer is genuinely eclectic: from the Korean-influenced street performance of Choi+Shine to the modern twist on traditional folk music from South Africa of the Incredible String Band, who accompanied themselves on chairs instead of guitars to ensure maximum versatility. This variety was repeated in its visual art exhibitions, taking in art from Asia, Africa and Europe.  Outside its busy programme was very much a focal point – one that echoed both the towns maritime heritage and its continued nature as a working port.

To the south is the city’s cultural hub, which boasts interactive spaces for children, and a popular vintage market, Brentford ( Nelson Street is one of the biggest street markets in the UK. Be sure to arrive early enough to admire the colourful architecture along Charlotte Street and Seymour Place, or stop by The Garden Museum or The Photographers Gallery if youre bored with shopping. St Johns Retail is also a big deal, and is all about shopping.

It has everything from designer outlet stores to vintage fashion sales pop-ups. Swindon has a strong arts community, while its excellent museums tell the story of this area. There are collection of independent shops and its busy theatre scene is worth checking out. If you're looking for culture, relaxation and shopping, visit the Watermans Arts Centre. Weekend workshops give you a chance to get creative while exploring local culture at the same time. The Watermans Café serves stunning views over the waterfront area.

Have breakfast or brunch there on a sunny day, then browse the shops. If you're the kind of person who likes to spend an afternoon browsing galleries, then Watermans is an excellent place to go. Its not just visual arts though, as you will find mixed media, photography, silver and ceramics on display here. Theres a regular cinema that shows films both mainstream and more offbeat in nature. These show how many crimes have been committed in Hounslow South each month of the year  so far this year.

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