Dangerous Areas In Hounslow

Dangerous Areas In Hounslow

5. Hounslow Central 739

The mild-mannered Hounslow is a giant gateway to Heathrow Airport, but it's also a hub for crime. A quick Google search will tell you that when few thousand people move to the town with such a change in scenery, there are bound to be some problems. The 2011 Census tells us that the population of Hounslow has grown by over 70% in the last 10 years. This might be due to the influx of new residents who can't afford or chose not to live close to London, and are looking for cheaper and more accessible housing.

The number of crimes committed in Hounslow Central in London has been revealed, Brentford (brentford.org.uk). Hounslow Central is the fifth-highest offender on the list with 739 crimes recorded in just 12 months.  A study carried out by London Online, which monitors police. uk, has shown that there are 853 areas across the UK that have more crime than Hounslow Central. This is the area near the railway station, and we are also starting to see some criminal behaviour in the Harrington Road area (the next one on the list).

4. Hounslow Heath 823

The London borough of Hounslow Heath has a population of around 30,000 people. It is split into three areas Feltham North, Feltham Riverside and Great Heath. With its close proximity to Central London, it attracts wealthy residents,  such as  media types and celebrities. However, the crime rates remain high in this borough. The highest crime rate is Narcotics offences on a per capita basis, with just over four recorded offences in 2014. This equates to 3,522 crimes per 100 people.

This is followed by Burglary on a per capita basis, with 1. 98 recorded instances (1,349 per 100 people). This orange shade of London makes it into the top 5 worst places with a crime rate of 1. 5 times higher than the national average. 7. 74% of houses appear to be burglarized in Hounslow Heath, making it the third highest in the city after Lambeth and Southwark (both with 11. 49%). We’ve also got 22 telephones, 6 cars, 1 computer and 1 Playstation stolen from the area per 1,000 people (London average: 6 telephones, 1.

58 cars, 0. 62 computer and 0. 11 Playstation).                                     8. Covent Garden 800.   Covent Garden has a crime rate of 54. 55 per 1,000 people. The fact that Hounslow Heath has a crime rate of 53. 85 per 1,000 people is bad for living in there. It's high. Luckily for you and I, the high crime rate is offset by the fact that the city is small and hidden by other suburbs.

Crime rate isn't everything when it comes to looking at neighbourhoods, but we're about to get into some other stuff so you'll see what I mean. Crime rate is low in Hounslow Heath, although not as low as in some parts of the Chiswick area. Whilst it isn’t at the forefront of the crime charts, it is still a good place to live, because the local police are very good at responding and resolving crimes.

3. Syon 838

So, you thought prior to living in Zone 3 that it couldn’t get much safer than the suburbs of zone 2? You were wrong. The areas of Hounslow Heath, Hatton Cross and Brentford post some of the highest crime rates in London. Yet, when it comes to sexual offences, Syon is a cut above the rest with an impressive 838 reports between January 2015 and December 2015. In 2006, a large increase in crime was reported, due to new residential developments.

While the top three areas of Raynes Park, Hounslow West and Thamesfield had around five offences per 1000 population in 2006, Syon and the neighbouring area of New Brentford had around fifteen. Ranked number two in our top 10 list of UK law enforcement areas with the most prolific crime, Syon is recorded by the Met Police to have 1,975 crimes committed. Hounslow Heath is positioned nationally as being one of the worst for crime.

But why is that? Is it down to meanness or poor policing?. Next up is Syon with 15. 02 offences per 1,000 residents a staggering 6,000 more than Hounslow West. With two parks and sylvan surroundings, it is perhaps not surprising that Syon tops the list. Hounslow Central has a number of poorer areas as you might expect. Like Hounslow West, the area is dominated by council housing. The two stations are separated by just 1km and are the closest on this list so it’s no surprise that criminals look at both as a single target.

2. Brentford 873

There is also a significant rise in the amount of alcohol-related assaults in the area. In 2006, there were 68 such incidents, which rose to 74 last year up 10 per cent. The number of robberies in this ward also rose by six per cent, from 26 to the current 30 recorded this year. With a population of 24,607 people, Brentford is the 43rd most populated ward with 2. 9 crimes per 1,000 people.

In 2016, there were 458 cases of anti-social (56% rise), 121 burglaries (38% rise) and 73 robberies (67% rise). Once again, the R yourkeylogger. com P column of the crime league table dominates with crimes such as burglary and robbery taking the top spot. The figures also reveal how the borough’s two most junior councillors are not far behind in the most crime-ridden ward race. Mile End may be the most dangerous ward in London, but the runners-up aren’t doing much better.

1. Hounslow Town Centre 1,131

The average crime rate in Hounslow, sadly, is only 107 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants. However, as you can see from the crime map above, Hounslow Town Centre performs considerably lower than this figure. 2. Hanworth Park 1,105.  Hanworth Park was considered a hot spot in 2014 with 43 crimes reported for every 1,000 residents, the third highest crime rate in the borough. Sixth  is Heathrow Terminal 3 with 672. Tickets cost $3 $4 and the journey takes 32 min.

The Number Of Crimes In Every Hounslow Ward So Far This Year

So far in 2017, the most number of crimes took place in Hounslow South ward. These figures were obtained by Hounslow Council following a Freedom of Information Request. Though crime levels are high here, they're not the highest in the borough. The same applies to other wards within the borough. But Hounslow South's streets saw the most crimes out of any other area in the borough they totalled 374, while Hounslow East saw the least with just 210.

The map shows all areas, where there have been crimes reported as of September 6. You can click on each one for more information. Hounslow South has seen 374 crimes so far this year, at a rate of more than two for every day. The ward is bounded by the A315 Staines Road, New Jersey Road, the Hatton Cross branch of the Piccadilly Line and Feltham Road. Crime figures for Hounslow South, the Metropolitan Police area covering Chiswick, Feltham and Hanworth.

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