Life In Brentford

Life In Brentford

Improving Commuter Links And Contemporary Riverside Living Are Drawing More And More House-Hunters To West Londons Brentford.

Hounslow is the second largest town in west London. It's situated to the west of London and is surrounded by other towns including Twickenham, Richmond, Ealing and Feltham. The London borough of Hounslow has a population of 114,700 according to 2011 estimates. Hounslow railway station first opened in 1849 making it one of the oldest stations on the network. It's one of two railway stations that serve the town; the other being Hanwell railway station which links Brentford to Paddington on the national rail network.

Brentford has been named as one of the top ten most desirable places to live in Britain by the Daily Telegraph, Brentford ( It’s not a journeyman’s destination for newcomers to town, and it doesn’t have the kit you would expect from a 'New Town'(a creation of the 60's). Yet Brentford is a place where people are happy to stay not just in their childhoods, but into adulthood. This no-frills listicle aims to tell you why that is.

This leafy part of west London is an ideal place for commuters. The town is central to all kinds of public transport links, including the M4, and a few stops outside central London, there’s Hounslow West tube station. Brentford also offers contemporary riverside living, a beautiful green space along the Thames, with river cruises and lovely walks for dog owners (due to its large number of parks). Brentford is a town in west London that forms part of the borough of Hounslow.

Bourne Bridge connects the Grand Union Canal to the nearby River Thames at Kew Bridge, which is adjacent to the upstream river crossing Brentford Lock. With its riverside position; easy access to London and proximity to Heathrow Airport, Brentford has attracted people for centuries. Its traditional industries were once. There is an ever-growing demand for the town of Brentford, especially from younger professionals who wish to settle there as they seek for an alternative to the city.

Living In Brentford: What To Expect?

Brentford Football Club has been an integral part of the town for almost a century. Originally founded as a non-league club, Brentford FC rose through the ranks, rising into a Football League side in 1920 and permanently establishing themselves in the Second Division 10 years later. The club then fluctuated between divisions over the decades, even spending time in the Third Division South from 1970 to 1975. Under manager David Webb, the team secured its best finish within a Championship season – a sixth place spot – back in 1982.

Since then, however, Brentford has struggled to achieve consistent success. One of the parts of Brentford that make it so attractive to new residents is the sense of community. Brentford is a town that is as far removed from cities, and is often sidelined in terms of finding people to identify with. It isn’t like living in Hammersmith, where there are large numbers of public route 66 buses or in Richmond, where you’ll find tourists around every corner.

Instead, life here is secluded and undisturbed by the media but this is not a negative attribute by any means. The superb social environment may be why the team is always successful at winning local awards and competitions for its community work. It is no surprise as to why some people love Brentford so much that they end up settling in there permanently. There's a whole bunch of reasons to move to Brentford. This article, however, discusses some of the pros and cons of life in this part of London.

Where To Start Your Property Search

Brentford is a historic town, offering an attractive mix of modern housing. Whether you are looking for a house in the centre that you can renovate or looking for a property close to your work Brentford has great transport links and a wide array of amenities. With an old market having been famed in the 12th century, it’s known as one of the most affluent towns in the UK. If you’re looking to buy a property in the Brentford area, there’s plenty of great places to choose from.

That’s no surprise considering the area is home to some of London’s most-prized areas. Kensington and Chelsea have always been sought after for their luxurious properties as well as their proximity (in distance and lifestyle) to the centre of London. You know buying a home in Brentford gives you an unrivaled location, with Crossrail providing quick access to central London. And of course, there are the great schools, excellent amenities and vibrant shopping centres on your doorstep.

There are plenty of reasons why to consider buying property in Brentford. From the views of Kew Gardens to the convenience of being close to the A4, there’s plenty that attracts people to this part of London. When you think of property in Brentford, traditional Victorian and Edwardian houses might come to mind. But there are also some more modern style homes that are worth a look, especially if you have a family. Where do you start your property search in Brentford? A good place to begin is by talking to your family, friends or neighbours.

Find out if they know of recent sales and ask questions such as. Before we start, let me give you an idea of what Brentford is about. Brentford FC has a relatively new village, which is home to many of the clubs employees, board members and players. Brentford has a modern transport hub with excellent transportation links to all areas of London. For many South West Londoners, it’s their best kept secret a riverside haven of trendy bars, independent shops and riverside living within easy reach of central London.

Getting In And Around Brentford

By road: attractively positioned for the M4 and M25, Brentford is easily accessible via a number of major routes. For drivers in South London, the river crossings at Kingston-upon-Thames and Teddington offer quick and convenient access from the A3 and M3. The junction between the M4, A4 and A316 provides easy access from Reading, Basingstoke and Portsmouth. By road: the M4 and A4 are good main arterial routes into West London, with the M4 to the south of the borough and the A4 to the north.

These major routes are complemented by minor local 'A'roads, providing access to side streets and residential areas within Brentford. There are currently no plans for any additional main road developments in Brentford. By foot: Brentford has a number of scenic walks across the Thames and through the Greenway. Across the water is the famous Syon House and Gardens as well as Osterley Park. On the greenway itself you’ll be able to spot wildlife, picnic or just watch the boats go by.

Getting in and around Brentford'is a blog post focusing on the transport links that are available to Brentford residents, commuters and visitors. The information is presented with maps, providing a detailed breakdown of options for various travel needs. By road: Brentford is served by the A4 trunk road to London (M4). This connects to a multitude of major roads in and out of London, including the M40 link that takes you directly into London and Heathrow Airport.

Things To Do In Brentford

The London Museum of Water & Steam is a fascinating and educational establishment, ideal for anyone with an interest in the history of the capital. It documents the development of the water supply system from early times to the present day. The museum itself is housed in an old cistern that was used to store water that had been pumped over from Kew and at a depth of thirty metres below ground level it is one of London's deepest man made tunnels.

The perfect place to visit no matter what the weather. Brentford's close connection to the river also means that it is well worth paying a visit to the London Museum of Water & Steam. Discover the history of how London is supplied with water and see the steam pumps in action. Theres also an outdoor Splash Zone for children, which is free between April and October. Today we focus on the things to do in Brentford, East London.

The London Borough of Hounslow was formed from the previous boroughs of Heston & Isleworth, Brentford and Chiswick. To learn more about those boroughs we have their archives listed at the bottom of this article. I've lived in Brentford for a while now but I only found out about the London Museum of Water & steam recently. I visited and loved it so much that I came back with my sister and some friends. Here's what we got up to.

Hidden Brentford

It’s a hidden part of Brentford but Hen Corner is here for us all to discover. The smallholding is home to John, Carol and their three sons, but on its edge there are various workshops for people who live around here to get out into the fresh air and learn more about a range of things from bee-keeping and growing food to woodwork. These activities were inspired by the fact that one of their sons had learning difficulties, and that they wanted to provide an opportunity for local residents to learn more about different activities.

It was the promise of all-natural handmade produce, home-grown and seasonal, that drew me to Hen Corner when I was looking for somewhere to learn a new skill after moving to Brentford. And I was not disappointed. The community feel here sets it apart from other courses I have done in the past – I felt like I had someone rooting for me throughout my time there. People are often amazed to hear I live on a farm in Brentford.

Hidden behind a row of terraced buildings, the Hen Corner is a smallholding run by the Ward family with chickens and bees. You can sign up to learn about anything from jam-making to wood carving, to bring a bit of the good life into your new Brentford home. A little piece of Italy right here in Brentford. Tucked away next to Blythe Road, is Hen Corner. It's part of a little known enclave that is otherwise the epitome of English suburbia.

When I first heard about Hen Corner I figured I had to go and see it for myself. Steeped in history – as well as on the edge of a new development – Hen Corner’s owners hope its future will be secured by selling to the highest bidder, while learning traditional crafts. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Hen Corner is the place to be. We love being amongst the soil and greenery here in Brentford.

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