Local Life In Brentford

Local Life In Brentford

The Weir

In a trip that the Weir is not a gastropub, it was with great excitement I made my way to this historic pub located in Constable Country, in the small village of Bergh Apton. Despite its isolation, The Weir remains one of the most frequented food joints in West Norfolk. Since day one of trading the pub has been whirring with many regulars and as they say nothing is better than family. The Weir is one of my favourite gastro pubs in Warwickshire.

The actual building dates back to 1520, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat if you’re a history buff (as I am) or just want to visit a lovely pub with some great local ales and mouth-watering food, Brentford (brentford.org.uk). The Weir is a fantastic gastro pub. The food is great but it is the beer garden that makes this place what it is. A large and peaceful garden with a small waterfall and tall trees.

Syon Park

On a sunny day, the vast green and tranquil landscape of Syon Park is a gardeners’ and photographers’ paradise. This magnificent landscaped park is one of the largest in Greater London, featuring mature trees that date back to the 16th century. Add a huge variety of foreign plants—a long-lasting result of successive owners who were passionate about plant collecting—with colourful spring blossom, summer accentuated by rhododendrons in all shades from pink to red, delicate autumn foliage and winter's bare branches framing the sky and you have an exceptional scenery.

The park is also home to an impressive range of sculptures and monuments, including the 1st Duke of Northumberland's Column, or Trajan's Nemean Lion. Syon Park, fronted by a magnificent 120m long stone terrace, is set in 1,000 acres of peaceful private parkland and open countryside just 12 miles from the Palace of Westminster. It boasts an impressive C18 walled garden still used for growing fruit and vegetables and a 9 hole golf course. Syon House is home to Londons largest collection of fine art from the 15th-18th century period.

The grounds include landscaped gardens, fountains water cascades, lakes and cobbled walkways which include the 16th Century Longford Bridge. Numerous cafes restaurants and pubs can be found within walking distance from Syon Park. Nearest tube stations are Brentford (15 min walk) or Kew Bridge (. As an employee of the National Trust, I thought my job would be the best way to see the UK’s beautiful places, from stately homes and castles to beaches and forests.

But after two years as a volunteer at Syon Park in Brentford – one of my favourite places – I can confirm it has all of that and more. It’s not just breathtaking views and pretty flowers, there are new things to experience every day. I’m so glad I live in this area, it’s absolutely wonderful. There is always something going on and the fact that Syon House and its gardens are only 15 minutes away, it couldn’t really be better.

It really is such a rich area for people who like to shop local. From local shops to antique shops and boutiques. There really is something for everyone in this part of West London. Stepping back in time to 1897, Syon House is set within acres of formal gardens and parkland. It has one of the finest Baroque interiors in the country, with a magnificent plasterwork ceiling, marble chimneypieces and ornate ornamentation throughout. Syon Park was originally the site of Syon Abbey, an Augustinian monastery founded in 1415 by Henry V.

The Lord Nelson

The sun was slowly creeping its way into the sky, barely visible through the window of The Lord Nelson, shedding a dim light on the small pub. It was an unassuming kind of place. The window curtains were cracked with age and slightly torn in the middle. Its wooden door was painted dark green and it blended in with the brick wall perfectly, making it easy to underestimate it from afar. A horseshoe shaped bar rested in the middle of the pub with five stools sitting atop its wooden surface.

The varnished top reflected a golden light as rays from the setting sun poured in through the windows, lighting up everything orange and red, which made it seem like a completely different place altogether. But despite its humble appearance, there was something. It's always quiet in the Lord Nelso. The pub is small, quaint and never seems to be packed with many patrons. It's one of those places you can go for a quiet drink, read over the paper and enjoy some time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

I use to go there almost every day after work before my wife and I had kids. This created an interesting situation when our first arrived, as it was still a relatively new pub on the block. We must have been the only ones using it for breakfast because on Sunday mornings it was a common sight to see a few dozen newborns sleeping in prams outside. The Lord Nelson is a big, austere pub on a side street a couple of minutes'walk south of the bright and busy shops of the Market Place.

It's something of an institution in Chester, with a dartboard, snug bar at the back and fine beers. A mural on one wall depicts scenes from the Battle Of Trafalgar with Nelson gazing on imperiously. When I think of the Lord Nelson, thoughts of quaint little alleys and cobblestone streets come to mind. At night time, after a day of hiking through the New Zealand bush and enjoying our adventures, it’s nice to hit up the local pub.

Sitting outside on their deck-like area with all the locals is great. The Lord Nelson is the oldest pub in Brighton city centre. Located about ten minutes walk from Brighton Pier, if you were to judge this place based solely on its appearance, then it would probably be a bit of a dive. However, this superficial judgment would be completely unfounded. The Lord Nelson is a charming pub located in South London's Herne Hill. The building itself it old, dating back to the 17th century and has a splendid facade and beautiful interior.

It is still run by the same family who bought it in 1920, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. The abbey was dissolved in 1539 and the estate seized by the crown. And in my opinion the most comfortable bench with high back rest I have ever sat on. Here is a list of the ten nearest towns to Brentford. Towns near Brentford include Isleworth TW7, Chiswick W4, Hampton TW12, Hounslow TW3, Southall UB1.


To celebrate the first birthday of Time I was delighted to be invited for a tasting with some lovely friends at Time in North Acton. Situated by the River Brent this was the perfect spot for a birthday celebration brunch and I have to say we had a great time. The food was amazing, with lots of delicious options on the menu, plus the service and atmosphere was too. There are lots of restaurants along the River Brent that serve brunch, but most of them cater to tourists and chain-eaters that sell their food at inflated prices.

Time is unique in that they not only cater to a loyal local following, but also to the tourist crowds. However, they have found a way to remain affordable. My second spot I want to recommend is Time. On one of the many streets lined with shops and cafes in Kensal Rise Time is in a lovely little bubble of shops along the River Brent. Lots of nice wraps and salads, great brunch options and with a great view as a bonus! Make sure you sit by the many windows.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Actually it was just a few yards outside of my front door of my new home, and there's this charming little café that opened up, lots of lovely wraps and salads, great brunch options and with a great view as a bonus! To be honest I am more of a. Time is in a lovely little bubble of shops along the River Brent.

The Stable

A little piece of London, next to Kew Bridge. If you're a regular visitor to London, or even if you're new in town but looking for a good place with locally brewed beers and ciders, pub food that is delicious and properly made (not microwaved), great music in the background pop or rock, Stable Bar and Kitchen is the best choice for you. A comfortable atmosphere, friendly service and exceptional food and drinks await.

We have handmade pizzas that are made daily on site that can go from the oven to your table in just a few short minutes! Some are even cooked in our wood burning oven. The Stable is a new creation, built by the people behind London’s Realpubs group. It’s a modern pub, different from what you’d expect to find in Kew. It has an open kitchen, 200 hand-crafted hundred pizzas and an ever-changing selection of over 80 ciders from British cidermakers.

It’s a place where old meets new – balancing an original feel with contemporary design and classic British cooking. The Stable, Kew Bridge. A new eatery is in town, situated next to the iconic Kew Bridge. The Stable opened its doors a few months back and offers a pub menu of British classics like fish’n’chips, bangers. The Stable is a modern pub situated in Kew, Greater London, and offers more than 80 ciders. The Stable was named “The Pub of the Year” at the 2016 and 2017 British Food Awards.

The Stable is a modern pub situated next to Kew Bridge within a new development. They serve handmade pizzas and more than 80 ciders. ". I recently had the opportunity to work with a local business to help them launch their brand new eating establishment; The Stable. Lots of nice wraps and salads, great brunch options and with a great view as a bonus! Make sure you sit by the many windows. A gorgeous evening with the beautiful @songmuses at Time.

Ealing Park Tavern

Located within walking distance of Acton Town station, the Ealing Park Tavern is a very popular pub with food to match. It's on the larger side; and has a beautiful dining room upstairs which features a wood burning stove, and an oak bar. The downstairs section is more intimate, and has a big TV which is great for sports fans (I have no idea why, but many pubs seem to have sports channels). If you're arriving in the evening I'd recommend getting there early as it does fill up quick and finding a seat can be tricky at times.

I've been meaning to write a review of the Ealing Park Tavern for ages. A group of us went for a lovely sunny lunch outside in their beer garden on March 27th. It's hidden amongst beautiful green spaces and large houses. Their food is lovely and very reasonably priced, I had the duck burger which was great value for money at £10. 50. I also tasted some of my companion's fishcakes, which were nice too.

It’s always hard to choose a venue for your event, but I picked the right one. It was perfect. Everyone said so. Guests complimented the venue’s ambience and we were told that it was the best party they had ever been to. Thank you, Ealing Park Tavern!" — Jane Smith. With summer well and truly here and the kids on holiday, this could be a great time to get out of the house for some good food.

Here’s an excellent place in South Ealing that’s well worth a visit. Ealing Park Tavern is a most enjoyable restaurant. If you’re looking for a high-quality dining experience in West London, we recommend checking out the Ealing Park Tavern. And with their great restaurant and beer garden, you might even enjoy the event of the year that they’ve got coming up soon. The Ealing Park Tavern has a fantastic restaurant in South Ealing. At the centre of their kitchen is head chef, Ben Simpson.


Gochisou is a small restaurant in the heart of Newcastle, with free parking some distance away. Run by a good friend of mine, this place is easily one of the best places to eat Japanese food in the region. I’ve been here about 5 times already and have ordered their sushi and hot dishes each time. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Gochisou is a sushi restaurant chain in Japan that serves fresh sushi. They started to serve food outside of the omakase-style sushi restaurants.

Gochisou sells delicious and affordable food and offers deals for customers after 4pm so you don’t have to worry about the price tag when eating out at a high-end sushi restaurant. Gochisou provides fresh, delicious sushi and hot dishes. Gochisou translates to “thank-you for the food you prepared. ” After opening in July 2012, the business has proved immensely popular, with over 10,000 customers ranging from individuals to groups of 30 people visiting within the first year.

Gochisou is a chain restaurant which has locations throughout Japan. They specialize in freshly prepared sushi, hot dishes, and Japanese style drinks such as bubble tea and iced tea. Gochisou is a small Japanese restaurant with seats only at the counter bar. They serve freshly prepared sushi and hot dishes, from authentic ramen to set meals. Sushi and bubble tea? This is a match made in heaven and there’s no better place to come and grab a healthy bite to eat than Gochisou.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

If you’re looking for a day out in London, Kew Gardens are a great place to spend some time. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are located on the South West edge of Greater London; only about five miles away from the city centre. With plenty to keep you occupied for a full day, it’s well worth the trip. While I was last there I witnessed a wedding in the gardens that seemed like a magical experience.

Not only is it a great place for events and weddings but it’s also a pretty good place to go on a date or just enjoy some unrivalled views of London (the view wasn’t quite as spectacular when my partner and I went). Kew Gardens was founded over 250 years ago. The site has been raised and lowered on several occasions and is now a few feet above London's seasonal flood level. This charming place has several renowned gardens, a 340ft high dome in the Pagoda Tree House, a cafe, gift shop, shop, information centre and an enormous range of exhibits to visit.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  There are a wide range of activities throughout the year, so make sure you take a look at the website to see what is on offer. Visit the gardens for free everyday (except Bank Holidays) from 7am until dusk. Enjoy a day out all through the year in these beautiful gardens. Make sure you check out the Victorian glasshouse, which is the largest surviving structure of its type in the world.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is one of the world's greatest gardens. It attracts over a million visitors each year, and is a perfect day out to enjoy with friends and family. Thinking about visiting the hidden gem that is the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew? Well, keep reading for an exclusive offer for CliqStudios readers. Ben has over 10 years professional experience and has also worked at Michelin star restaurants across the world. I absolutely cannot wait for the Summer to hit.

Kew Village

You may have heard of lovely and vibrant Kew the historic ex-capital of England. If you haven't here are 10 reasons why you should go and check out this amazing area on the South West London line that has a plethora of independent shops selling everything from freshly baked cakes, local gins, succulent deli's and a Post Office which is open till 8pm and where everyone greets you with a smile.

  You don't need to travel too far on a pay day when the tube can take you directly there from Ealing Broadway.  Here are my top 20 reasons to head for Kew today. Kew Village may be small and local, but it has the amenities of a town. There is plenty to do when you want to take a break from work or shopping. If you’re looking for coffee, cake or a naughty present the shops will be on hand.

If that’s not your style then there are bars and restaurants galore to whet your appetite. The most obvious place to start is the shops in Kew Village. We have a wide range of shops including a fantastic patisserie with my name on it! Not literally, but I would love someone to open one called www. kewcakes. com. (Although as this name has been registered, I’m going to have to think of something else).

You are here because you want to learn more about Kew Village but where to start? It has been written about by many bloggers but never in one place. I've tried to summarise how great Kew Village is to visit and explore. Hopefully it can help you. Kew Village. Close to the tube, buses, District Line (9 mins) and a great range of shops, from art supplies, a craft jewellery shop, vintage clothes store / cafe, organic food and more.

Kew Gardens Hotel

Kew Gardens Hotel is the latest addition to the boutique Hampstead dining scene. It’s new but already a hit. Located on Finchley Road, this restaurant is warm and inviting with a quirky interior that keeps you occupied while waiting for your food. The pink leather banquettes, the blue lights and mirror ball column make you feel like you’re in some kind of retro hideaway. There's been a lot of recent changes at the Kew Gardens which means there's been a lot to catch up on, so I was delighted to be invited back for another review.

If you're fond of the pub's recent £1 mil investment, and appreciate the revamp of their kitchen, then this is the perfect starting point. Whether you are in town for business or a weekend staycation, The Kew is the perfect setting to enjoy a great meal. With some refurbishment almost complete, there's even more to look forward to on your next visit. Kew Gardens is everything a local pub should be, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a very friendly staff, the food is delicious and it’s also great value for money.

Who could ask for more?. Homegrown is a great choice for an eclectic meal and is conveniently located on the first floor of Kew Gardens Hotel. Homegrown offers both breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a great bar menu. Great for a bagel on the way back from work. The weather can’t stay this cold forever right?! Here’s to hoping. To what cities, towns or villages in the UK are the nearest towns to Brentford?.

Know A Great Place?

Brentford is an area that is home to a large number of our clients. We wanted to find out where they go when they want to go out for a quiet drink. We put an article on our site asking for suggestions and received the below answers. It’s not hard to find a place in Brentford. You have your typical fast food chains and cafes you can see in any other city center, especially one outside of London.

But my favorite places are the hidden gems in between all that. I was born and raised in Brentford, so I'm always interested in visiting new places in the town. And I'm sure you're the same. So here are some more great places to go to in Brentford. I live in Brentford and have been working for here for well over a year, however I do not feel like I know the area as much as I should and would love to discover more gems.

What Locals Say About Brentford

The location of Brentford—on the west bank of the Thames, just to the west of where the river crosses the M4 motorway—has defined much of its history. The name means "Broc(c)dædford" and is thought to be a bridge or causeway made from logs. There was a bridge at Brentford, and it has been suggested that it may have been a pharos, though there are no records of any lighthouse ever being built there.

About Brentford

Brentford is a suburban area of the London Borough of Hounslow at the confluence of the River Thames and the River Brent in west London, situated 8 miles (12. 9 km) west south-west of Charing Cross. Brentford, as the name suggests, was built on a fording point on the River Brent. Nearby Syon House is the London residence of the Duke of Northumberland. The land to either side of the River Brent up to Isleworth and Osterley was once tidal and subject to flooding; creating large tracks of impenetrable swamp; most still exist for example in Syon Park.

The area was therefore very sparsely populated until well into the Middle Ages, when land-hung. The earliest archaeological evidence of settlement is the Neolithic flint moorstone dolerite axe found in the lower Thames floodplain. This suggests a clearing in the woodland here since the last Ice Age would have left a fresh deposit of pile dwellings which have never been found. The first houses built after the prehistoric period are on the southern side of the Brent near Syon Park.

In a meadow opposite Syon House is one of these clearance cottages, classified as an “Long House”, imported complete and reconstructed by Sir Robert Ho Tung in 1960. This house dates from around 900 AD and measures six metres by four metres. The heart of the community lies in its two shopping areas: Brentford High Street is part of the A315 road which links central London to Reading and the M4, while Brentford Dock is a redeveloped area of riverside flats and offices.

The name Brentford is recorded in 1176 as "Brentfort", Old English for "stronghold by the water" and in 1254 as "Brentford". It was known in early times as "Brecknock", probably from the Welsh bren ", 'hill', + suffix"" frod", 'broad'. Brentford‘s history stretches back over three thousand years, when it was a small crossing of the River Brent. The name means “Brytenfords" or "Bretoneord” and is formed from the Old English (pre 7th century) words “brȳtn” (which means to break, to divide) and “fordd” (which means a river crossing).

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