Traveling Around London

Traveling Around London

Where Is The Congestion Charge Zone?

On my journey to work in central London one morning, I wondered aloud why there weren't any schools with yellow lines painted down the middle of the road (as there were when I was a kid). My dad explained that it was because there's no longer a Congestion Charge zone covering east London; however, it sparked more questions than it answered about where the zone begins and ends. The capital city offers something for every traveller and savvy visitor.

How Can I Check If Somewhere Is Covered By The Congestion Charge?

To search for an address, you need to know the postcode, Brentford ( These are the last two digits of the number that comes after the street name and house number; for example, if your address was 35 Green Street, West London, , you would search for to get a result. Postcodes are a good way of checking if somewhere is covered by the Congestion Charge. TfL publishes a list of postcodes that fall within these zones.

You can use the TfL website to find out more about the Congestion Charge and where it applies. Do I have to pay the Congestion Charge if I am. If you are exempt from paying the Congestion Charge, or have a registered charge card, find out more information on the TfL website. To find out if somewhere is covered by the Congestion Charge, you can use the TfL postcode search. The website is www. tfl.

Does The Congestion Zone Cover Kensington And West London?

If you have lived in London, or do live in London, you are probably aware of the congestion charge that has been in place for years. There are two congestion zones in London based on an old boundary (some would argue, rather unscientifically drawn up) of the A11 road and a line called the Mercer Penetential (if you don’t know what that means, look it up plus now you know a new word). You can see from the Google map below that this covers a lot of area around Victoria and along Kensington High Street.

So while it makes sense for residents of Notting Hill, Kensington and Chelsea it also applies to people who live further out like Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham not. I have always been one of those guys who spent a lot of time in the car. I live in West London and work in the city so spend roughly 50% of my time driving around looking for traffic jams. Today, I'll be talking about areas in West London which used to be congestion zone free such as West Kensington and Bayswater.

But as of Monday 2nd February 2017, you can expect to pay £11. 50 unless you're exempt. Did you know that the Congestion Charge is going to be scrapped? This comes as a surprise to me, as I assumed it was still around and working well. However, it seems as though TfL are finally ditching it! The Congestion Zone charge was introduced back in 2003 and has been in place ever since although more recently it has dropped from £10 a day to £11.

Does It The Zone Cover Camden, Islington And Hackney?

In the north, Islington and Hackney are struggling to keep up a good reputation for having a good health provision, while Camden is only slowly creeping back up to its previous swathe of health provision (although recently statistics have been pointing to the region as being one of the most deprived in London). Doesn’t Camden get enough money though? Surely it’s better off than some places. That’s what most people I talk to think, that central London is rich enough to not need funding for this borough.

Or is it really?. The 'zones'in which  Islington Locksmith Company operate are the N1, N7, N19 and N8 postcodes. That’s principally north, south and east of the Northern Line. Just to clarify (because we get asked this a lot) – the locksmiths cover Islington, Camden, Hackney and Tufnell Park areas as they are part of the N1 zone. Does it the zone cover Camden, Islington and Hackney?.  Yes, sort of. 50. gov. uk/roadusers/congestion-charging.

But I Entered The Zone By Mistake!

Since July 1, people who use the area without a valid ticket will be slapped with a £20 fine, while face-to-face contraventions are set at £100, rising to £200 if they're not settled within 21 days. According to Transport for London (TfL), since the turnstile's introduction, there have been fewer than 250 fines issued to people who have simply forgotten their cards. Whether your passing through or staying for a few days, the following tips will ensure you get the best out of your trip.

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